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Welcome to CAL REWIRE
Northern California's leading automotive electrical repair shop.

We are proud to be the leading custom and standard electrical repair facility in
the Northern California area. Thousands of customers and repair shops agree
that CAL REWIRE is
THE SHOP to go to for electrical repairs and fabrication.
 CAL REWIRE is the only shop around that CAN and WILL work on any car
you bring us.  Other shops have a cutoff year, in fact CAL REWIRE specializes
in early model vehicles. Dont let that deter you if you have a late model though.
CAL REWIRE is equipped and capable to diagnose and repair any and all
makes and models of vehicles.

CAL REWIRE is also the manufacturer of custom fuse panels, wiring kits and  
other electrical components for hot rods, customs and muscle cars that just
aren't available elsewhere.  Please give us a call while our new catalog is

If you would like to contact us please call (916) 638-5424.We are available
8am - 5pm Monday-Friday.